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Ceasefire violation by Pakistani troops in poonch district two soldiers martyred


Once again ceasefire violation by Pakistani troops in poonch district in which two bsf security forces were killed and another injured . The ceasefire violation took place around 8:30am on Monday ,there was heavy firing from Pakistani (army) posts at BSF posts at LoC in Krishnagati sector of Poonch district with rockets and automatic weapons," the BSF officer said.

The attack came after, the Deputy High Commissioner of Pakistan was summoned by India and concerns over continued ceasefire violations by the Pakistan side at the LoC and international border in Jammu and Kashmir.

During the past month, there have been numerous attempts by terrorists to sneak over to this side. In one such attempt early April, an army JCO was killed in an IED blast near Loc in Degwar area.Pakistani troops had breached the truce around 7 times last month. They violated the ceasefire in Poonch sector on April 19 and shelled mortars on forward posts in Noushera sector on April 17.


Veteran actor vinod khana who was suffering from cancer for long time passes away at the age of 70 on Thursday  at 11:20 am in Mumbai’s HN Reliance Hospital. He was also Bhartiya Janta party member of the lok sabha from Gurdaspur.

The actor, often called one of the most handsome men in the industry, featured in as many as 146 films. Some of his most well received works include Mere Apne, Insaaf and Amar, Akbar, Anthony. He was last seen in Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale (2015).

It is indeed a tragedy that a man who entertained millions of us for almost 4 decades has gone to the beyond after battling from cancer. Vinod Khanna will surely be missed.

What religion is actually belong to 16.66, a viral video by Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui who is known for his exemplary acting has shared a message on religious equality video titled ‘sixteen point six six’. The video begins with Nawazuddin Siddiqui introducing himself. Then he claims that when he had got a DNA test, the reports showed that he was 16.66 per cent Hindu, 16.66 per cent Muslim, 16.66 per cent Christian, 16.66 per cent Sikh and 16.66 per cent Buddhist and when he discovered his soul he found himself a 100% artist.


Actually the video of actor came at a time when the country is witnessing a surge on attack on minorities. The best thing about the video is that Nawazuddin Siddiqui wears different costumes to illustrate his point while he says that he belongs to different religions and the facial expression changes with each slide.

So much of hatred in the world around us on matters of the religious faith and belief of people. Nawazuddin trying to explain what is true religion and the art callibre of an artist is not bound by any religion or faith whatsoever. He drives the point home like now before.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is the star of films like Gangs of Wasseypur, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Manjhi: The Mountain Man, Kahaani and Talaash. He was last featured in Shah Rukh Khan's Raees and will be next seen as the title character in Manto, directed by Nandita Das.


To make their voice heard by centre, Tamilnadu farmers protesting at Delhi jantar mantar to waive agricultural loans and provide drought relief funds .On Saturday farmers drank their own urine as a mark of protest and also promised to go a step further by eating faeces the next day if the government continued to ignore their demand.

"We are not getting water to drink in Tamil Nadu, and PM Modi has been ignoring our thirst. So, we will have to quench our thirst with our own urine," said P Ayyakkannu, state president of the National South-Indian Rivers Linking Farmers' Association, who is leading the protest

Farmers have been agitating at jantar mantar for 40 days grabbling headlines for their unique and sometimes bizarre methods of protest since their arrival in the nation capital. Armed with skulls which they claimed to be of farmers who had committed suicide they have stripped naked, bitten mice and snakes conducted mock funerals and even flogged themselves 


 A set of four unique stamp of Mahatma Gandhi from 1948 has been sold for record 4.14 corers at an auction in the UK. According to United Kingdom based dealer Stanley Gibbon, this stamp is considered the most important and desirable item of Post Indian Independence. Including this strip of four and a block of four in the Royal Philatelic Collection, owned by Queen Elizabeth II, which is believed to be the world’s largest and most valuable private stamp collection, Gibbons said in a statement.

Set of four stamp is sold to an unnamed private collector –investor in Australia for the highest ever price for Indian stamp. The purple brown stamps are emblazoned with the word ‘SERVICE’ and were issued to the governor-general’s secretariat for official use. Only 13 of the 1948 Gandhi 10-rupee Purple Brown and Lake ‘Service’ stamps are in circulation. 

The market for high quality Indian rarities is supported by the ongoing desire of the wealthy, Indian Diaspora and savvy international clients to own these historic assets,” said the dealer Keith Heddle, who is the managing director of investments at Stanley Gibbons.

China announced standardised official names for 6 place in Arunachal Pradesh

 China announced ‘’standardised’’ official names for six places in Arunachal Pradesh after the protest with Dalai Lama visit to the frontier state. State media said that china’s claim over the Arunachal Pradesh as ‘South Tibet’ .

On 14th April China ministry of civil affair announced that it had standardized in Chinese character with Roman alphabet are Wo’gyainling, Mila RI, Qoidêngarbo RI, Mainquka, Bümo La and Namkapub RI.

The India-China border dispute covers the 3,488 km-long Line of Actual Control (LAC). While China claims Arunachal Pradesh as South Tibet, India asserts that the dispute covers Aksai Chin area which was occupied by China during the 1962 war.

After the 9 day visit of Dalai Lama to Arunachal Pradesh Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said, China warned India that India should not use the Tibetan spiritual leader to undermine China’s interests and also said that it would have a negative impact on the efforts to resolve the border dispute.

Approx 5 corer women support Shariyat Triple Talaq: AIMPL

 On Sunday AIMPL ( All India personal Muslim board) claimed that Muslim community has a very low rate of divorce and has received approx 5 corer form came from Muslim women around the country favoring  shariyat and triple talaq.

AIMPL women wing asma zohra said that some people are trying to break the social structure of the community in the name of women’s right in shariyat and Islam. But, the case is not so. Muslim women have come out openly in favors of Shariyat. Only a countable number of women are against it and Triple Talaq.

Uttar Pradesh government minister Mohsin Raza said on Tuesday that AIMPL organization does not work for the welfare of society but endorses practice like triple talaq should be banned.


Former Defence minister  and chief minister of Goa denied for the statement he said on the occasion of 126th birth anniversary of Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti  that pressure of issues like Kashmir force him to opted for Goa. And this is the long term policy to resolve the Kashmir issues while he was serving as the defence minister in the national capital.

Statement came from the Bjp media cell that in the Ambedkar event honourable chief minister Mahohar Parikar has never given such comment that he had a pressure of any sort working as defence minister. Parrikar was defence minister from November 2014 until last month when he was sworn in as Goa's chief minister.

Yesterday PTI reported that Parikar said he found the job of defence minister stressful. While speaking to media Parikar said ‘’discussion bring to the fore multiple opinion which can prove to be a hindrance in discussion makers ‘’

Bjp wave in By poll 2017 result

 In 10 assembly constituencies across eight states Bjp had a great victory on 4 seats and congress 2. In Delhi Rajouri Garden assembly constituency Akali Dal candidate Manjinder singh sirsa  who fought the by poll on Bjp ticket won by a margin more that 14000 votes on Thursday.

Meanwhile Harjeet singh from AAP had 2668 vote with 3rd position by the end of the fifth round of counting .Delhi deputy cm Manish Sisodia admitted that people were upset with the party over its legislators .Sisodia added that AAP will work really hard in the upcoming MCD polls. In Madhya Pradesh’s Ater, Congress candidate Hemant Katare extends his lead by 6,431 votes over BJP’s Arvind Bhadoria by 4565 votes.

For the BJP and the Congress, success in the bye-election is crucial for their continuing relevance in the city’s politics while it will be a test for the AAP’s popularity. The scale of loss in the by poll can trouble its strategists as the city electorate goes to vote again in ten days to choose councilors across the three municipal corporations.

Thirty eight booths of Srinagar Lok sabha constituency also vote on Thursday after the Election Commission ordered repolling following violence in the April 9 by-election, in which 8 people were killed in clashes with security forces in Kashmir.

Operation Durga in Haryana

Taking cue from Uttar Pradesh, now Haryana is also walking on the footsteps of Uttar Pradesh Haryana has launched Operation Durga to check eve-teasing. Within hours of CM ManoharKhattar launching the squad, 72 people were arrested from across the state.

To check crimes against women across state24 have been formed. The teams comprise woman cops, including nine sub-inspectors, 14 assistant sub-inspectors, six head constables and 13 constables, besides other police officers from each district.

On the first day the flying squads visited public places such as schools, colleges, bus stands and railway stations and nabbed dozens for men for eve-teasing, stalking and making lewd comments on women.

The Haryana government has also set up women police stations in all districts to ensure safety of women and provide them with a safe place for lodging complaints.

Rs 11 lakh bounty on Mamta Banerjee head Controversial statement by Bjp youth wing leader

 Member of Bhartiya  Janta Yuva Morcha Yogesh Varshey made a controversial statement after the wake of hanuman jayanti clashes in birbhum .He announced  those who will cut and bring the head of west Bengal chief minister mamta bannerjee”s will be given rs 11 lakh.

Yogesh Varshney said Mamta Government has beaten up people ,he said Mamta never allow saraswati puja ,fair during ram navmi and now during hanuman jayanti procession people were brutally beaten and lathi charged by police, he added that she always support Muslim.  

On Tuesday west Bengal police in birbhum district used baton to disperse rally which shouted slogans in praise of ‘shri ram’. At another place of the outskirts of suri thousand of people had ignored a police ban on participating in a rally taken out under the agies of organization observing hanuman jayanti .

Meanwhile opposition raised issue in the upper house of parliament to take action against Bjp youth wing leader .Defence minister of state for parliamentary affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqbi said that the state government strongly condemns the remark made by bjp neta. 

His journey from Folk Art to Padam Bhusan

 Today is a 130th birth anniversary of one of the big names in twentieth century Indian art, Jamini Roy.

A graduate from Government College of Art, Kolkata he started his career spanning over six decades as a commissioned portrait artist but soon gave up and began experimenting with Indian folk art. He took lessons from patua, a community known for their traditional occupation of painting idols, to better his craft at Kalighat paintings.

Not just his paintings, his wooden sculptures, rooted in Indian villages and reflect the traditional art of Bengal. The quintessential ‘Jamini Roy’ work exhibits bold colours of red, yellow ochre, blue, and white. He brought versatility and emotion to folk art. While a painting of a Santhal woman oozes sensuousness, the ‘Three Pujarinis’ are very traditional looking almond-eyed women.

Some of his world-wide famous works are, ‘Ramayana’ a magnum opus spread across 17 canvases; ‘Gopini and two Companions’; ‘Mother and Child’; ‘Bengali Woman’; and ‘Three men in boat’ .

He also received many awards including the Padma Bhushan in 1955. In 1976, the Archaeological Society of India declared him one of “Nine Masters” to be treated as treasure. Roy ended his life journey in 1972.


Cold war between Indo- pak after former Indian Navy Officer death sentence

 External affair Minister Sushma Swaraj issued a warning against Pakistan after announcing the death sentence of kulbhushan jadhav .Sushma said in the Rajya Sabha that government will do all for jadhav for legal support to fight his case and slammed Pakistan to consider the consequences of the case on its relations with India. Opposition leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said that the government of India would go out of its way to ensure he gets the best legal assistance through out. The government will also take up the matter at different levels, an indication that it could raise the matter at the United Nations.

In Lok Sabah Home minister Rajnath Singh said Government will put all effort to ensure the release of jadhav and strongly condemned Pakistan actions even in the lead up to its kangaroo court-style 'justice'.

Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge said If Pakistan hangs Kulbhushan Jadhav, then it will be a murder case. The government will be seen as weak if it cannot free him.

Mr Jadhav, a former naval officer, was arrested by Pakistan in March last year in the he turbulent province of Baluchistan, which has seen a long-running conflict between Pakistani security forces and a militant separatist movement. The Pakistan military said in the statement that he has  been confessed of spy and being tasked by India's intelligence service with planning, coordinating and organizing espionage and sabotage activities in Baluchistan "aiming to destabilize and wage war against Pakistan".

Up government announced 6 AIIMS in the state

 New UP Government announce to set up 6 AIIMS and 25 new medical colleges in the state. Chief Minister  Yoginath said that medical colleges is today’s needs of time increasingly population and cater of health needs. The institution will be ready in the next five years.

Questioned about the poor quality of education in the engineering institutes he said that  our priority is to improve the quality of education in all institution for which UP government is focusing to recruit 500 teachers vacant post before the beginning of the new post.

Government is also planning for job fairs which will start in next there month to provide job opportunities to engineering and management graduates in the states.

Besides this, free wifi on college campus the government will set up e-libraries to keep student abreast of the latest development .Improvement in infrastructure in polytechnic colleges in the states and will provide hostel facility.

Farmers marched naked near Modi office

Demanding their agriculture loans be waived off, a group of Tamil Nadu farmers stripped their clothes and ran naked near Prime Minister Office on Monday. When they reach PMO, they were escorted by Delhi Police. However PM Modi was not present there at that point of time.

On Friday Tamil Nadu farmers cut their hands who were protesting at JantarMantar for more than 3 weeks, they said union government should wake up to their plight at least now.

"We have been here for over two weeks does anyone really care? We have had many politicians come here and promise us their support. What we want is actual action and today we have given this country and our protest blood and we now have nothing more to give," said the farmers.

“We have shed our blood to highlight the miserable condition of the farmers and the inhuman conditions that we are forced to live in. Today, we have given our blood also to the protest. There is nothing more that the government can take away from us. We have nothing else left,’’ said a farmer here.

Some farmers also suffered severe heat stroke and admitted to a hospital.




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